Luxury Living Must Haves!

February 5, 2018


What are the most sought-after amenities for luxury homes? Whether you’re looking to sell or simply upgrade your luxury home, here are the most requested features for the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and enjoyment.

Car lifts and indoor car washes – Luxury automobiles need luxury accommodation. For city homes with limited space, install car lifts for added capacity. For the avid car collector, an indoor car wash keeps your investment spotless.

  • Cost: Car Lifts – $2,500 to $6,000
  • Indoor Car Wash – $30,000+

Walk-in refrigerators – Whether you are an amateur cook or the master chef, a professional kitchen is a necessity for home entertaining. Complement stainless steel double ovens, granite countertops and copper sinks with a walk-in refrigerator – ideal storage in a cool package.

  • Cost: $7,000 – $20,000

Spas, gyms and yoga and Pilates studios – The home gym has undergone a makeover. For the best in fun and fitness for a luxury home, add a professional spa complete with steam and massage rooms.

  • Cost: Starting at $50,000

Wine cellars and tasting rooms – Luxury homes are built with exquisite taste – especially when it comes to tasting wine. Add individual cellars for red and white wines, paneled tasting rooms, and custom-designed wine cabinets to provide optimal conditions for storing and aging fine wines.

  • Cost: $60,000 – $150,000

Concierge services – If you want more time for things that really matter in your luxury home, a concierge service will manage your domestic affairs, handle the chores, and act as your own personal assistant.

  • Cost: $50 – $75 per hour (a minimum number of hours may be required)

Media rooms – Lose yourself in your favourite movie, as you recline in lavish leather seats. With theatre-size screens, surround sound and rows of plush seats, home media rooms can rival local cinemas (and the popcorn is free).

  • Cost: $50,000 and up

Wrapping and sewing rooms – Tailored gift-wrapping rooms and sewing rooms provide a creative refuge for quiet inspiration in any luxury home.

  • Cost: $5,000 and up

Structured wiring and security – Smart wiring enables smart living. The latest technology integrates home theatres, audio systems, communications and security. Computer controls automate heating, air conditioning, appliances and lighting. Remote access lets you control your home systems when you are at work, the cottage or on holiday.

  • Cost: $25,000 and up

Home elevators – A necessity for some, a convenience for all. Home elevators make living in your luxury home that much easier (especially when you need to go up).

  • Cost: $30,000 for equipment and installation; renovation costs, if needed, are extra

Heated driveways, walkways and garages – Heated driveways and walkways make snow shoveling a thing of the past while improving the view of your real estate.

  • Cost: $5,000 for a 600-square foot driveway; installation is extra

The top-10 list of the most unique and sought-after accessories for Canadian luxury homes was compiled from interviews with Royal LePage Carriage Trade Home agents.

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